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A day's trip in TSUSIMA
출발일 2019.12.15(일) 여행기간 1일 이용교통 NINA
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189,000 12월
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" A day&39;s trip in TSUSIMA MD 추천내용 입니다"   

상품설명 및 특전   |   포함내역   |   선택사항   |   일정표   |   관광지정보   |   주의사항   |   예약하기    |    ▲ TOP   

* At least 15 people will start. (※ Reservations up to two weeks before departure.)

* Proceed to the guide and private bus.

* Departure/Arrival International Terminal (port) may vary depending on the departure date.

* Traveler's insurance is not available for customers over the age of 80.

* Individuals should pay for additional expenses in case of cancellation of a ship due to natural disasters.

* You may be able to use the bus's auxiliary seat.

* The exclusive bus service is based on 10 to 20 (24 seats), 21 to 30 (29/33 seats),

and 29 to 45 (45/49 seats).

* The tourism infrastructure of the island is far short compared to mainland tourism, such as hotels, meals, and transportation. Please understand the nature of the island.

* Twin charge \20,000 per person. / Single charge \40,000 per person. 

상품설명 및 특전   |   포함내역   |   선택사항   |   일정표   |   관광지정보   |   주의사항   |   예약하기    |    ▲ TOP   

● Round-trip ticket

● Port tax

● Dedicated bus

● A local meal

● Admission Fees

● Guide

● Departure tax

● Guides & driver tip per person \10,000 (adult child same) must be paid.

   Traveler's insurance, Personal expenses

상품설명 및 특전   |   포함내역   |   선택사항   |   일정표   |   관광지정보   |   주의사항   |   예약하기    |    ▲ TOP   
The representative schedule may be changed somewhat by ship and local circumstances
상품설명 및 특전   |   포함내역   |   선택사항   |   일정표   |   관광지정보   |   주의사항   |   예약하기    |    ▲ TOP   
1일   2019.12.15(일) Busan - Hitakatsu







Day 1


































Gathering in [Busan Port International Terminal]

Departure from Busan Port

Arrived in Hitakatsu Port International Terminal

Korea Observatory

   & Monument of Martyrs of the Joseon Dynasty

Miuda Beach


Duty free shop

Arrived in Hitakatsu Port

Departure from Hitakatsu Port

Arrived in Busan Port International Terminal




L :

Local food




* The above schedule may be changed somewhat by ship and local circumstances.      

상품설명 및 특전   |   포함내역   |   선택사항   |   일정표   |   관광지정보   |   주의사항   |   예약하기    |    ▲ TOP   
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상품설명 및 특전   |   포함내역   |   선택사항   |   일정표   |   관광지정보   |   주의사항   |   예약하기    |    ▲ TOP   

Please note that reservation status is not confirmed.
Please enter your passport's exact English name, sex, and date of birth.
This product can be started by more than 15 people.
The air/shipping schedule may change depending on the situation of the shipping company.
This product is a package product with a guide.
This is a real-time reservation, so it may be closed depending on when you make a reservation.

If the fee is inevitably raised, it can be changed without prior notice.
We cannot change or cancel the return after departure, so please note this.
(Please confirm that the rest of the ticket is not refundable for one way only.)
Your passport must be valid for at least three months before you leave the country, so please check it before you travel

※Foreign/Chinese precautions
When traveling abroad, foreign/Chinese deficits are different from those of the destination and transit countries, so you must check with the embassy of the respective country yourself.

[Special Terms]
※ For the application of the special terms and conditions,
Please check the cancellation fee details as higher cancellation fee than the standard terms and conditions may be imposed.


~Cancel 30 days before departure: 100% refund of travel expenses
Cancellation 29-20 days before departure: 90% refund of travel expenses (10% compensation)
Cancellation 19-15 days before departure: 80% refund of travel expenses (20% compensation)
Cancellation 14-10 days before departure: 70% refund of travel expenses (30% compensation)
Cancellation between 09 and 05 days prior to departure: 650% refund of travel expenses (35% compensation)
Cancellation between 04 and 02 days prior to departure: 50% refund of travel expenses (50% compensation)
Departure 01?Date cancellation: No reimbursement for travel expenses (100% compensation)

※ Please be sure to check that all additional expenses for your stay are your personal burden when you cancel or change your vessel due to natural disasters or bad weather.
  ***100% refund if departure is cancelled due to natural disasters and bad weather.

 [Receiving cancellation requests]
- All cancellation applications are accepted to complete the acceptance of cancellation within the opening hours of the aviation and shipping companies.
It is limited to 09:00 to 16:00 weekdays.
If the cancellation is accepted after hours of business or on weekends & holidays (or holidays), it will be treated as the fastest weekday reception since then.

- The conditions of weekday working hours in Korea and overseas countries cannot be cancelled if the overseas locations are on Saturday, Sunday, or holidays.
You must be satisfied with your notice.
In case of a request for cancellation within the weekday business hours of Korea, if the request is made in a foreign country on a Saturday or one-day holiday, 

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